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About Ela

We are launching a wonderful platform for the students who are interested in online studies along with their regular schooling methods. Here, we introduce a new website named 'e-Learning Ark or Ela' which combines both e-learning and conventional methods.Our focus is uniformity in the education through it's availability, accessibility and cost. We are able to provide you with good faculties as we give importance to the quality of service.We want even the layman's children to come up and catch their colourful dreams. With this venture students are able to study anywhere at anytime with the best support. Our team's support is available 24×7, because we want our young buds to bloom. Our coming generation is our future. Let's join hands together for a colorful future.


Why e-learning so important

So the question is why not break the conventional systems even in the era of technology? We have got eLearning to give information and resources on your desired topics or subjects. eLearning is here to stay. All you need is a passion about your studies and eLearning is able to provide you with the right resources at anytime at anywhere at your fingertips. When it comes to education, comfort, convenience and affordability really matters and eLearning satisfies a student with these aspects as well. Unlike classroom teaching, eLearning is not bounded by four walls, so when you access a page of your desired topic,it may have hyperlinks that will lead you to another page and thus opens up a vast amount of information in the internet and can access the content an unlimited number of times.With that,it must be added that eLearning helps the coming generation about the right use of internet and technology. Most crimes especially cyber crimes are due to the lack of proper awareness about it's pros and cons. Hence it's high time that our generation needs a holistic education. Furthermore,visual media has always shown positive impacts on students learning habits and thus this helps in retaining the received information for a long time. Also eLearning is highly eco-friendly way of learning as it doesn't include papers for submitting your assignments, projects, etc. Come follow your passion with eLearning.


Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid – Albert Einstein.

Merits of conventional education

Humans are social beings and conventional schooling systems help in social interaction and which in turn exchanges culture and language between the students,raises morale, camaraderie and instill a sense of community. In a classroom,when a student interact with teacher, there we can see the student's respect and love for the teacher and the interaction between peers,increase the sharing mentality,concern about others and also develop lifelong contacts, memories and experiences. These types of interactions humanize the educational experience. Conventional systems have defined structure and classes meet for the same time each week on certain days. This gives students structural support and helps keep them on track. Not only that, the class begins and ends at a specified time and this makes them to be punctual on a daily basis. This punctuality helps more in leading a successful life. Classroom activities that involve students’ participation, recitation, presentations, group discussion can improve listening and reasoning skills as well as self confidence. Unlike online studies,conventional system gives practical training to execute the theoretical knowledge. Along with the academics, co- curricular activities are nurtured and given high importance. In a nutshell,conventional system helps a child to grow as a complete person.


Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Ela combines elearning and conventional methods

Ela is a conflation of eLearning and conventional method of study.It is a platform where the advantages of both eLearning and conventional studies are blended together for a new acquaintance of learning. In conventional studies the classrooms might be bounded by four walls, but with the advent of eLearning,a student is able to get information about a desired subject beyond the horizon. If the eLearning has diminished socialisation and practical knowledge then, we have the properties of conventional studies which involves hands on training. In essence, Ela is able to abandon the bad mark of both the ways of study and counteracts by exposing and absorbing its merits.


Why Ela?

  • Affordable plans

    Ela is meant for all sections of the society. Any student is now able to persue their desired subject with Ela. Because we offer attractive packages of learning. So no more hesitation about the cost of study. Also,no more discrimination in learning.

  • Most trusted faculties

    We believe, in bringing out the best in students,high quality service must be delivered to them. So students have the opportunity to get in with most reputed teachers,who help in their learning. This makes the learning more lively and thus humanize the educational experience.

  • User friendly platform

    User friendly- Ela is very easy to access by anyone. The software used is simple and light, so that the students are able to use it without any confusion.

  • Dedicated team suppor

    Team support- You will be given 24*7 support in case there’s any issue related to the website. If needed any technical support,our team is available for the assistance. We can ensure there wouldn’t be such occurrence, but even if it happens, just feel free to ask for help.

  • Professional follow ups

    Professional follow up - If still remains a question or doubt related to the course, you can reach to our professional team for further assistance at any time. We give importance to students’ time and the team is always with the students to prop up the studies

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